About Co-operative Tribunal

The Tribunal is vested with appellate, original as well as revisional jurisdiction. It hears appeals as provided u/s 109 (2) (a) of the DCS Act such as appeals against (1) award passed in dispute cases arising out of defalcation & non- payment of loans etc. (H) Execution proceedings in awarded cases, (III) Registration and supersession of committees of Cooperative Societies (IV) Disqualification of members of Cooperative Societies, etc.

Of the original jurisdiction, the first and foremost is the election dispute Another original jurisdiction of the Tribunal relates to the. service disputes of employees of Cooperative Societies. It has limited jurisdiction only. All Service dispute fixe promotion, appointment, transfer are not included and the jurisdiction confined only to action taken i.e. punishment imposed in disciplinary proceedings that too only of those employees who are not workmen as per the definition of I.D.Aot.

Cooperation. Department, has. delegated their power u/s 113 of the DCS Act. 1962 to the Cooperative Tribunal tor revision of the cases. Consequently ail pending revisions were transferred to this Tribunal. Now revision cases u/s 113 have also "been filed before this tribunal. It has also got suomotto power of revision u\s 67-B (3) of the OCS Act.

The Cooperative Tribunal has been invested powers of adjudication ox reference made by AGCS against a surcharge proceeding as per' the provision u/s 112 -A of the OCS Act.

1. State of Court building - Functioning in its own building.
2. Information shout the pending building protects - Nil
3. List of the staff of the Court's establishment since the last inspection giving the following particulars :- Copy attached as Annexure-A
4. Number of Advocates. Pleaders and Mukhaters practicing .at the station (for outlying Courts only).
5. Number of licenses Typists/Petition Writers showing their names and the dales since when they hold the licence – Nil.
6. (a)
Dates of "last inspection by the Presiding Officers of the Court under inspection and by higher authorities - Not done.
7. The dates of sending compliance reports - Not applicable.
  (a) If, the compliance reports of any of the items has not been submitted, the reason for not doing so.
  (b) Whether any of the instructions issued at the time of previous inspections have not been carried out and if so, the reason therefore.
  (c) If the Presiding Officer checked the entries made in the inspection Defects Removal Register before submitting reports of compliance.
8. Furniture.
  (a) Has the Stock Register of Furniture been maintained up-to-date – Yes
  (b) Date of last verification of the furniture by the Presiding Gihcei - Kot done
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Dr. Damodara Rout
Hon'ble Minister,Cooperation & Excise

Shri Manoj Ahuja,
I.A.S., Principal Secretary,Co-operation

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