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Under the Directorate of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, there are 19 Cooperative Divisions - one each at the headquarters of the 13erstwhile undivided Revenue Districts headed by a Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies and 58 Cooperative Circles, each headed by an Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies. This Directorate is entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of policies and programmes of the Central and State Governments for the benefit of farmers and other economically weaker sections through cooperatives and for strengthening the cooperative movement. To achieve these objectives, the Directorate looks after administration, supervision, monitoring and regulation of the cooperative societies functioning in the State in various sectors such as handloom, fisheries, dairy etc. and the co-operative credit societies.

Registrar of Cooperative Societies (RCS) came into existence in the year 1937 for providing leadership, wisdom and guidance to the Cooperatives as well as the functionaries at the grassroots level and to the Cooperative Movement in right direction. This Directorate comes under the administrative control of Department of Cooperation.

Definitions and Acronyms
RCS(O) Registrar of Cooperative Societies,Odisha
ICT Information and Communication Technique
MIS Management Information System
PACS Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society
DCCBs District Central Cooperative Banks
Statutory responsibilities of the RCS(O) The Odisha Cooperative Societies Act 1962 entrusts the enormous responsibilities with the RCs.Important responsibilities of the RCS (O) of the RCS is to register, administer, inspect and supervise the cooperative societies. The important sector on which administrative the RCS exercise his power are under the Odisha Cooperative Societies Act 1962 and newly organized cooperative under the Odisha Self Help Act 2001 Agriculture Credit Cooperatives, Non Agriculture Credit Cooperatives, Marketing Cooperatives, Consumer Cooperatives, Housing Cooperatives and other Miscellaneous Cooperatives. The RCS(O) is the Chief Electoral Officer for ensuring election to all kind of societies in the State .He commands the power of superintendence over the cooperatives. The newly enacted legislation the Odisha Self Help Cooperative Act 2001 also entrust the power of registration of Self Help Coop.with the RCS(O)
The foremost activities of RCS are:
  • Registration - Registration of a new formed cooperative society under the Odisha Cooperative Societies Act 1962 and newly organized cooperative under the Odisha Self Help Act 2001
  • Administration - Bringing in rules, regulations issuing circulars and prescribing HR politics for the cooperative societies
  • Inspection - Ensuring inspection of all the cooperative societies at least once in a year.
  • Supervision - RCS ensures closes supervision and montitoring over functioning of supervise all the cooperative societies registered under it
  • Target Settings - Apart from all these activities, the RCS set targets for OSCB, who sets target for 17 CCBs under them and 17 CCBs set targets for 2714 PACS, for various plans and programmes for disburessement of crop loan, Agriculutre Term Loan, Mobilisation of deposit ,issue of KCC, Formation and Credit linkage of SHGS , TLGS etc . Target for other sector like marketing, consumer,Housing and Training and Education are also set by the RCS (O)
Diagrammatical Presentation of the Registration of New Cooperative Societies at RCS:  New Cooperative Societies Diagrammatical Presentation

Dr. Damodara Rout
Hon'ble Minister,Cooperation & Excise

Shri Manoj Ahuja,
I.A.S., Principal Secretary,Co-operation

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