Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society

The PACS/LAMPS/FSCS are the bottom-tier of the Short Term Cooperative Credit Structure functioning at the grassroots (Gram Panchayat) level. These are Primary Societies owned by farmers, rural artisans etc. and intended to promote thrift and mutual help among the members; cater to their credit requirements and provide credit-linked services like input supply, storage and marketing of agricultural produce etc. These Cooperative Credit Institutions with their wide out-reach in the rural areas and accessibility to the small and marginal farmers and the other marginalized populations have been playing a vital role in dispensation of agricultural credit.


  • To cater to the credit need, mostly, farm credit and income generation activities of farmers, artisans and other members.
  • To extend selected banking services to members.
  • To implement Kissan Credit Card Scheme for providing timely and adequate farm credit to members.
  • To take up marketing of agricultural produce of member farmers.
  • To cater to the consumer needs, mostly, essential commodities of members.
  • To create awareness among farmers to adopt improved farming practices.
  • To reach upto the unprivileged section of the community through SHGs, JLGs and TFGs.

Dr. Damodara Rout
Hon'ble Minister,Cooperation & Excise

Shri Manoj Ahuja,
I.A.S., Principal Secretary,Co-operation

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Co-operation Department remained part of one of the development Department. It functioned under the Co-operation...